Yulia Cohen

Yulia Cohen

Yulia Cohen


    Yulia Cohen


    Yulia Cohen is a contemporary painter, artist and creator.

    Yulia was born in Ukraine where she grew up moving to Israel after graduating highschool at the age of 17. There, she graduated in Political Science and Sociology at Tel-Aviv University.


    After a few years in that field, she decided to make a career switch and studied computer programming and work in that industry for one of the worldwide leading companies as a technical consultant and programmer. It is during that period that painting became her hobby and daily therapy.


    After giving birth to her first son, she decided to follow her passion and focus on her inner call, leaving her job in the computer industry to start her new adventure and enjoy the ‘Artist life’.


    Today she is very excited about painting using oil paints and mixed media art techniques. For her, art narrates stories, awakes feelings and reveals emotions. She tries through her art pieces which are all unique to bring life, joy, happiness and emotions to your homes and offices through evocative stories using colours, textures and figures full of beauty, emotions and soul.


    Yulia loves painting women, she believes in the power of women, charisma and beauty. Having seen many women being underestimated, not fulfilling their potential and not playing the role they could to change this world, Yulia paints and expresses women as they are, strong, smart, mysterious and independent.


    Yulia also expresses passion and evokes deep emotions toward nature and people, providing light, love and warmth in people’s hearts.

    She hopes she can inspire people with her paintings to follow their own dreams.