Title: Wildflowers

Year: 2021

Materials: Ink, pen, and acrylic on bamboo panel

Size: 16x20inch


Artist: Hanna Brown


    Hanna Brown


    I am a painter and environmentalist from Ontario Canada, Currently, my work focuses on landscapes, mainly trees, as Im sure youve noticed, their beauty, uniqueness, individuality inspires me, and they continuously influence my work.

    Trees are infinitely more complex than we humans realize, when you walk through a forest, you are walking through a community connected through the very earth you are walking on. Trees have been studied to share information, knowledge, water and nutrients via their root systems underground, mother trees will teach their seedlings. And trees can form long-standing relationships and friendships that last lifetimes (and a tree's lifetime is very long). Its been observed that when a tree falls or is cut down, the surrounding trees will share nutrients and water with the stump keeping it alive for sometimes years. Forests are known as the lungs of the earth for a reason.

    These communities are important to the health of our planet, just as all ecosystems are and we need to do better and work harder to protect them. Since I have developed such a love and appreciation for trees, I strive to show others the importance of these natural spaces and help them see nature as I do. As well as expressing the importance of environmental protection, and advocating for environmental awareness, sustainability, and education, and hopefully inspire others to have that desire and want to conserve our environment as much as I do.

    Just as every artist has their mediums, every environmentalist has their methods. Some might choose oil or sculpture or chaining themselves to a tree. For me I choose to paint, I love acrylics and inks for their colour and versatility, and I paint the trees because chains seem uncomfortable.