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+ - 104 x 66, mixed tecnique, 2020


Artist: Garik Fabricas


    Garik Fabricas


    Basically, I am from a family of painters, sculptors, musicians, and more and so learning how to think about art was something natural but not taking it for granted wasn't so when I went to Prague to study high school at Hellich Secondary School of graphic arts I started doing more graffiti and other related pleasures and even though I finished I didn't do much of serious art. And so after high school and a lot of accumulated problems :-) I run to Copenhagen where I spent six years mostly also doing graffiti with my Spanish crew (also a lot of stealing and drugs which I am not as much proud of nowadays but one can not take things back), here I also entered Roskilde University and done a Master´s degree in Semiotics of communication on the faculty of philosophy which can sound contradictory to the rest I was doing but finishing that school wasn't that hard as philosophy, languages, art, and communication were always among my natural and deep interests. Also, my Argentian girlfriend in those years did not like me going out at night so she made me finish the school all until I lied a lot and stole a lot for spray paints. And so again after finishing the school and her leaving me for good I came back to the Czech Republic. From the beginning, I continued on the same road, but at one point I started making things right, and some three years ago on one intense LSD trip I got inspired and experimented on the technique I am using for my paintings now and generally got started in it more seriously. Because I never stopped drawing but was just not mature yet to find myself and I also lacked a lot of knowledge at that time, it took some years but finally for the last two years it was basically just experimenting, building some kind of a portfolio, and working on it as much as possible to have healthy confidence in my own work. I am lucky to be able to earn through graffiti experience legally today and through selling some artwork but I take it as just a beginning of further artistic creations hopefully.


    I tried to be as much offline as possible till now but two years ago I was made by my friends from the gallery to at least have Instagram and so I have nothing more to show for otherwise. Hope the short bio is ok for you, I know maybe you expected the list of exhibitions but there is nothing major, all small stuff that i do not feel even important mentioning and I wasn't even active in showing it anywhere till this year. My general philosophy in this is to do everything my own way and pace and as it naturally comes to me :-) So I hope you do not regret asking m efor participation as it can be more work with me than good. I dont think the stealing and drugs has to be mentioned anywhere but I wrote it at least here and for you as i tis true so at least you have a picture of where I am comming from with all this.