Untitled - Acryl on canvas - 2016 - 80 x 80 cm


Artist: Susanne Wolfsgruber


    Untitled - Acryl on canvas - 2016 - 80 x 80 cm


    Susanne Wolfsgruber

    My name is Susanne Wolfsgruber and I am a free artist. I was born in 1969.

    I am living with my family in Ansbach, Germany

    I started to practice art in 2010.

    I educate myself further on techniques and materials to use for my paintings.

    Since 2012 my pieces were presented in exhibitions both alone and in cooperation in Germany and Spain

    I use acrylic paint and a variety of materials (moor mud, sand, marble powder, stones, wood, ink and much more) My work is free and intuitive.It is important to me to express my personal understanding of harmony, aesthetics and silence. My art is non objective, therefore it grants the beholder his own access to my art.

    Furthermore expressing myself through painting is one of the key aspects of my life. The dialogue with the beholder is a great personal enrichment to myself.