Untitled 2

Untitled 2

Title: Untitled 2

Year: 2008

Ballpoint pen on canson paper 200g/m²

59,4 cm x 42 cm

photos by Sérgio Guerini


Artist: Carlos Ribeiro


    Carlos Ribeiro


    São Paulo / Brazil, 1956


    I am a visual artist, graduated in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, SP, in 1983. Drawing permeates my trajectory as a visual artist. I am interested in the tactile sensation of the improvised gesture, the friction, the sliding of the material on the support. The action of scribbling on all sides of the sheet of paper culminates in an ambiguous and multidirectional image, which allows different readings and can lead the observer to build their own forms - similar to the experience of pareidolia. This plastic event marks many of my works and highlights a poetic axis that identifies and traverses all of my artistic production. I research the behavior of the ink of the ballpoint pen mixed with other materials, such as alcohol gel. Since 2013, I have developed another series of works in which I use wood as a surface and fire as a drawing instrument. I incorporate the shapes left by the coal stains to my way of drawing, creating a graphic web that captures the eye. I occasionally produce installations.