Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory

Title: Uncharted Territory

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 122 cm x 122 cm

Year: 2021

Description: “Uncharted Territory" is a painting that tells the story of the non-linear path of navigating unknown emotional terrain that we have yet to discover, understand, and gain tools from. It is a life-long journey. There will be days in which the viewer might relate more to one body than the other, as we lose or gain clarity in different layers or moments in our lives.


Artist: LAJUBU




    LAJUBU is a Colombian figurative artist based in Miami, Florida. Most of her work focuses on embracing the entire spectrum of emotions of the human being and the journey within. She believes that giving the audience the chance to interpret any piece of art is a gift unique to each viewer, as it is a message for them; just like how one would interpret a dream.


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