Tree of Life II

Tree of Life II

Title: “Tree of Life II”

Size: 76.2 cm by 101.6 cm (30 inch by 40 inch)


Artist: Juliet Hillbrand


    Juliet Hillbrand




    Named in ‘International Contemporary Masters,’ by Worldwide Art Books and ‘‘Top Artists of 2019’ by DESTIG Magazine's Barcelona Issue – Juliet’s work has been exhibited in dozens of art shows around the world.

    Inspired by mother nature in her endless forms, she combines abstraction with realism.

    Having sold hundreds of pieces to collectors scattered between the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia – Hillbrand offers vibrant colors within the home, whimsical brush strokes, and medium-mixing for visual intrigue.

    The results are entrancingly cosmic and open-ended, left up to the interpretation of the viewer.

    As a self-taught artist that began her art career in 2015, she experiments with figurative studies as well as less-structured pieces that portray new realities. Exploring the collections of ocean energy, nakedness, and metamorphosis – her pieces often involve themes such as nature’s changing tides, shifting moons, and the world’s intrinsic force of transformation.

    By playing with textures, materials, and natural elements like water and sand, she adds dimension to abstract landscape scenes. Unable to be tamed to one style, her figurative realism pieces are often monochromatic. These black and white tones are used as a reflection of the feminine air of mystery; it's uncapturable quality of etherealism.

    Juliet has been interviewed Art Qol, Studio Visit Magazine, Creativ Paper Magazine, Edge of Humanity, and Woodlands Art. She has been featured by Saatchi Art Gallery (the leading online art auction service), The UK Gallery, Fine Art America, Artfinder, as well as being named in Art Reveal Magazine's - Artists to Watch.’