Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Title: Tree of Life
Technique: Acryl on Canvas
Size: 70cm x 100cm


Artist: Ajteni Ramadani


    Ajteni Ramadani


    Ajteni Ramadani was born 1973 in North Macedonia and lives in Germany. After a dental technician education, her artistic career began in art School Meridian in 1996. Here she gathered her first professional experience in art and cartoons. "Love of art has been accompanied by me since the beginning of the 90's. I was in sculpture by various studies within Germany. My work is concentrated in oil, acrylic and chalk. My art goes from the present of different objects, the abstract art to experimental painting!"

    Single exhibition / group exhibition:
    1996 Braunschweig Clinic
    1997 art school Meridian
    1997 Café Schüssel Braunschweig
    1998 Café Grec Braunschweig
    1998 Boutique Marlena Braunschweig 1999 Alpatra Braunschweig restaurant 2001 Boutique Kyto Braunschweig
    2009 Floristic Cabinet 24 Braunschweig 2011, Solon Braunschweig office
    2019 Café Coffee Kitchen Braunschweig 2020 Boutique Kyto Braunschweig
    2020 BoutiqueNebel Braunschweig 2020 Practice Dietze Wolfenbüttel