Tree of Creation

Tree of Creation

Tree of Creation, 2013, acrylic and collage on canvas, 1m x 1,50 m. Editioned and signed Giclées are available on demand.


Artist: Gro Heining


    Gro Heining


    I am a self-taught Norwegian painter, b. 1949.  Drawing and painting have    always been a way of expressing myself. My first exhibition was in 1982, with more than 40 exhibitions in Norway, USA and Spain.

    Today, looking back,  I am very thankful of finding knowledge and inspiration in Norway at Oslo Painting School (1985) and Olav Mosebekk Drawing and Painting School (1996) and  painting workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA  (1991). 

    I spent  several years in the colorful scenery and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Arriving for the first time in 1987, it was for me as if returning to my       creative origins. Exhibitions, book illustration and animal design for T-shirts   influenced  my growth as an artist.

    I work with various techniques: acrylic, collage, water based oil, oil pastel,    water color and mixed media, both on paper and canvas.  Giclée prints are also available.

    Since 2014, I have been sharing time between a mountain village in Andalucia, Spain and my home base in Norway.   I harvest ideas for new paintings when I am relating to the polarities of different cultures, light and landscapes.

    Nature is my primary inspiration. Painting for me is meditative state of being, connecting to the elements and the rhythm of nature, weaving dreams and       visions into the images.  I like to think of my paintings as gifts from the spiritual realm revealed after journey to the land of introspection. Welcome to traces of my vision.