Painting: Transformation

Size:100cm x 80cm

Acrylic on canvas , structure paste, acrylic binder


Colours have always been existencially important to me.

In my paintings I let the colours play with each other, increase and support each other in their luminosity as well as condense in their compactness and dissolve in their transparency.

My paintings are dynamic, colourful, predominantly abstract and multilayered.

Sweeping brushstrokes, and deliberately placed light reflections give the painting energy and dynamic. The movement in the picture is an expression of time, of the beginning and the end, the ever -recurring process of transformation. The light in the picture should allow the viewer to recognise beauty, to direct the viewers gaze to where the picture unfolds its beauty.

At the same time, the viewer should recognise his own light, feel it inside and recognise his own beauty in it.


The meaning of the colours in the picture:

Turquoise_ soothes the feelings of loneliness and makes us think, act and feel as a community, turquoise helps to connect the communication between heart and mind.

Light green the colour of new awakening of nature and man.

Yellow and white give their energy to move and go the new way, yellow a symbol for the fire of life.

Orange_the colour of youth, enthusiasm and creativity.

Red _ the colour of high energy, overheating, danger and blood.

Dark blue symbolizes the old energies, the stability oft he old and proven.

Pink _the colour for feminine, positive and creative energy- in the picture breaking out of the red and creating the bridge for the transformation of man and earth.


Artist: Tine Boehm


    Tine Boehm



    1989 fashion design education

    2018 freelance artist at Community Studio Düsseldorf

    2020 student at Ifi-Cologne intuition training

    2021 freelance artist Art Luck Studio, Düsseldorf



    04- 06.2019 Marienhospital Düsseldorf

    09.2019 Nassau Stable Wickrath Castle

    10.2019 City library Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth

    12.2019 Exhibition at the Community Studio

    08.2020 Art Walk Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

    12.2020 Manhattan Music Exhibition- art project musik and painting online:  Margin Alexander (New York- piano virtuoso and composer), presents various artists from the visual arts during his piano concert