Tramas de la vida

Tramas de la vida

Title: “Tramas de la vida” Representa las distintas etapas en la vida del ser humano. Matices de la existencia

Sizes: 70 x 80 x 4 cm

Tecnique: Mixed, acrylic paint, golden threads and natural jute fibres


Artist: Delicia Pinto Bascuñan


    Delicia Pinto Bascuñan


    She was born in Chiguayante, city of Concepciòn, Chile. On May 16th, 1962. Self-taught, from the beginning she had a great vocation for art and literature. In 1990 she began with private oil lesons with prominent artists from the region. After a period oftime, she took up art in parallel with writing and other studies such Design, Citting and Confection, where she loves the fabrics she inserts in her works was born. She studied acrylic at the prestigious Pinacoteca of the University of Conception, expandin her painting tecnniques as well as batik and loom courses.