Through the Woods

Through the Woods

“Through the Woods” 100cm x 100cm; Oil and wax on canvas;  2019


Artist: Rezwana Sarkar


    Rezwana Sarkar


    Rezwana Sarkar is a painter and printmaker, graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Fine Arts 2004, UK.

    In the past her work used to be mostly photographic images of Bangladesh that she digitally manipulated to make them blurred and atmospheric. She tried to deal with the distant memories and longing of the places that she grew up in and called home.

    With the passing time she has made her new home in UK where she now lives and practise her artwork. Her feelings of diaspora through the passage of time and experiences of life is now being replaced by mindfulness and being at peace with her current environment. Therefore, her work now deals with nature and landscapes that are around her. She likes to paint the vastness and then looking closely to the details of natural elements such as a leaf or a twig. Through her work and art practise she feels connected to the nature and feel rooted to ‘here and now’.