Threads of Relationships

Threads of Relationships

Threads of Relationships


Artist: Jarmila Novakova


    Jarmila Novakova


    The painter comes from the Czech Republic. She has been focusing on abstract painting for the last nine years. Most often she paints with acrylic on canvas or uses a combined technique. She is fond of shaping paints and pastes on canvas with spatula. She is also keen on testing and developing her own techniques.


    The author considers abstract painting to be a door ajar to a dimension outside our technically focused reality. A dimension that speaks the language of subconsciousness, dreams and imagination.


    She inserts her immediate mood and feelings into her paintings, which by the composition of shapes and colours, affect the audience and awake their own creativity. Everyone can find their own visions and ideas because everything is possible in a world of colours, emotions and fantasy.