The Origin of the Universe

The Origin of the Universe

Title: The Origin of the Universe

Year: 2020

Size: 12” x 16”

Additional info: watercolor, ink, and acrylic on canvas


Artist: Charlie Vicars


    Charlie Vicars


    My name is Charlie Kristen Vicars. I am a non-binary queer artist originally from Santa Cruz, California. I have lived in many different cities throughout the United States, carrying my creative process and passion for watercolors along the way. Currently I reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    Painting first started as an expression for my deep connection and love for nature, and over the years I have cultivated a connection between humanity and nature in my work. I have no formal training or education in the arts, having taught myself to express my love for nature and the human form with watercolor and ink.

    I have a creative passion in many art forms in addition to watercolor and ink, including collage, acrylic, graphite, book making, and pastels. I find myself coming back to watercolor over and over again, realizing that watercolor feels like a language I can understand, a natural way for me to truly connect and express mother nature in strokes of water and pigment.

    I create these paintings not only for myself, but so I can share my journey of self-love and love for nature through watercolor. It brings me great joy to know that others can participate in my artistic journey and that I am encouraged to continue on this adventure. Painting and pursuing my greatest passion has been an incredible experience and I am constantly looking forward.