The Leaving

The Leaving

The Leaving - mixed media, acrylic and oil pastel on artpaper - 42 x 21 cm


Artist: Malda Alajlani


    The Leaving - mixed media, acrylic and oil pastel on artpaper - 42 x 21 cm


    the Leaving , The Greatest Horse Art Collection. The artwork is inspired of "My Story" book by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. 

    About the Artwork:

    Every one talk about the greatest horse's vectories but the internarional artist Malda Alajlani decide to explore not only the vectories feelings but also, the pain of losing the greatest horse in the history , the most kind   friend, the unique friendship and the perfect horse ever his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has ever owned.

    The most difficult moments are witnessing the death of a friend _ not only a friend he is an animal_ This does not mean that it is just an animal no more .. he is a friend.

    The Moments of dying, the last conflict and the time that exists not in life and not in death.

    Where the world turns from a hard core to a different world, without any kind of firmness, and the endless. The body turns in these moments from vitality to just
    dead body.

    The mind that contents of memories, intelligence and even love turns momentarily into a mass of red blood.

    The painting abstractly depicts these tragic and painful moments for all.

    The greatest Artist Leonardo da Vinci studied the technically death in statistic state, but in this artwork the artist Malda Alajlani studied the dynamics state of the death .

    In Addition, The Artist Malda Alajlani Exhibited the Artwork collection "the Meaning of Life". And it  contains 8 gorgeous contemporary artworks in Mads milano Gallery in 2017 Milano, Italy . 

     In the end, In this work you will meet three of greatest personalities of history:
     His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai., the greatest Horse in the world "Dubai Millennium", and the greatest Artist in the world " the genius artist Leonardo da Vinci".

    _ His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, talks about greatest horse he has ever owned.

    "Just like other heroes throughout history, the masses love them,
    The crowds love them, and the irrationals leave
    of his latest book, Qissati, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, p(289).


    Malda Alajlani


    When I work on a chosen subject to my next exhibition, It looks like a coherent story, but there is a thin thread combining all my artistic works whatever their complication or simplicity is. It's the feeling of jumping, lightness and weightlessness (weight and gravity) ...

     The optical effect of the masses is tender like a light perfume on the skin, but it's stunning like the electric current.

    I like experiments and modernity, and I have a tendency towards complication in artistic works; And I draw it or accomplish it with much love and joy ...

     Love to search for everything, about the new experiences and the adventure ...I have worked for long time in the field of interior architecture that is why , I like sharp and tiny lines whether they are organic or , I am interested in the tiny details of the work.

    My colors are dreamy and my formations are odd and new ... For instance, I close my eyes and see shapes and figure accumulating in the eye of my imagination and strange lights surrounding them as if they were floating on the surface of water or fog ...

    The Lines and formations,  have no weight, but they provide the feeling of flying , swimming and constant moving in the work . They bestow or feelings  of non-stability . my shapes create the shadows due to the nature  surrounding light ... So ,I do not need to simulate images or shapes  and shades the surface on canvas .  

    I have been worked and studied all artistic schools from realism to expressionism, from savageness to futurism, from cubism to Dadaism ... But my works have a mix of all schools mentioned above, and they are not spontaneous as they seem for the first Moment.

    I use all materials, the pencil, the charcoal, the oil pastille, the acrylic, the inks, water colors, the collage and other special mixes belong to me .

    I try to give a real feeling by the materials to express the private Feelings of the humans and their existence , so my art works not images for known feelings .

    Therefore, you can not expect how works will be at my upcoming exhibitions through my past works or exhibitions because works express different subjects and contain a great deal of symbolism ...