The law of the Universe

The law of the Universe

Title: The law of the Universe
size: 80cm x 120cm
Material: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Year of work: Feb 2021, Hong Kong


Artist: HEINGA




    HEINGA is a self-taught painter who is currently based in Hong Kong. She sees herself as a blessed artist who does channelled paintings, meaning that her art is to deliver loving energies that come from different dimensions to awake someone and to heal someone's heart.

    Art, to her, is a form of Sonship, a form of gift. Able to serve the world with these gifts is truly a great honor to her.

    HEINGA's paintings are mainly created using acrylics, she likes expressing the messages with the combination of vibrant colors, texture and abstraction, which she sees as a way to deliver the invisible truth to a visible form. In addition, Heinga really enjoys doing floral abstract. She believes that her floral paintings are implying some little prophecies and blessings to those who receive them.