The journey has began

The journey has began

Title:   The journey has began

Year:   2021

Tech:  Acrylic and pastel on canvas

size:    80x60 cm


Artist: Maya Wiebler


    Maya Wiebler



    Born in Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia at the time) in 1973, Maja has lived overseas since her early twenties. With an advanced degree in law, Maja has worked on international development and humanitarian assistance projects around the world for almost twenty years. Along the way, Maja always sustained her passion for art and design. While she used to paint and draw occasionally, a few years ago, while residing in Tbilisi, Georgia, she renewed her passion and entered a brand-new creative phase she intends to nurture and sustain.

    As a curious and active soul, I have always been enchanted by the world around us. As I walk around the city or hike in nature, I absorb colors, shapes and sounds which fuel my creativity. If we take a moment, and notice the beauty around us, inspiration can be found everywhere. Paper, canvas, paint and art tools are my way of trying to capture this beauty and feelings they invoke and share it with the world.

    My art includes wandering lines, play of colors and authentic marks which reflect my inquisitive and busy mind and express my experiences and how I see the world around us. A need for balance and order produces lines and geometric shapes, while free flowing and intuitive brush strokes, color blends and ink or pastel marks reflect creative chaos that reigns on occasion. As sensations and moods shift, seasons change and I explore new places, my art moves with excitement and joy or flows more slowly and steadily like jazz, a breeze or the night sky. It evolves, as I evolve and grow, striving to be the most authentic self.

    Thank you for visiting. I am very happy to share my art with you. If my art sends some positive energy your way, or makes your spaces a bit more beautiful, serene, or playful – my mission has been accomplished”.


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