The beginning

The beginning

“The beginning”

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 120 cms.



Every stage, every morning, every day is a new opportunity to do what fills your heart. Feel, enjoy, live ... each beginning is a new awakening of your soul, wake up with it and give meaning to your life and that of others.


Artist: Arturo Salgado


    Arturo Salgado


    In my art colors stand out and in them you can discover life, love, anger, fear and the desire to

    capture on paper what lives in my mind. The stains created in the underground layer with abstract

    and eloquent code, free of impurities and flat surfaces, stand out. The pieces are made with a lack

    of control on the surface, letting the colors flow in an agile, light and natural way, correcting the

    forms that appear and discarding what stands out, achieving a balanced and harmonious piece.

    When I am painting I study each line, shape and space, a breath... hinting at the next shape with the

    same passion as the previous one, isolating my presence from reality and communicating each

    color with emotion.