Tea-time Abstraction lyrique

Tea-time Abstraction lyrique

Title: Tea-time Abstraction lyrique

Technique: Oil

65 x 81 cm

Year: end of 2019


Artist: Christine Lance


    Christine Lance


    Christine Lance, born in France in 1956, is a member of the Lyonnaise Academy of Painting and associate of the Taylor Foundation. She has always been passionate about painting and - more generally - about creation. She attended the Martenot Art School for four years, then, parallel to her profession, she joined an art workshop for twenty years.

    She has participated in numerous workshops with internationally renowned painters.

    After dedicating herself to the female nude, her passion extended to lyrical abstraction, seduced by her spontaneity. This freedom of movement allows her to give free rein to her imagination. She tries to extract the very essence of her emotions from her, from a moment, from a lived experience She opens up roads to any external gaze and the viewer immerses himself according to his own sensitivity, invents his own story. The sensations diverge or merge: everyone interprets according to their moods and travels in the movements of the pigments. Above all, she wishes to allow the escape, the dream - what everyone needs.

    In addition to painting, she also practices direct carving sculpture.

    She exhibited regularly since 1999.