Spirit Within

Spirit Within

Measure: 100x120 cm.

Mixed media on canvas. Shellac, acrylics, pen.
Title: Spirit Within


Artist: Trine Lund


    Trine Lund


    Trine Lund (DK 1975) creates strong graphic artwork on canvas and paper framed in solid carpentry wood frames. Trine works with everything from paper, canvas, and self-designed fabrics for wet wipes and banal everyday excerpts obtaining an aesthetic expression arising from new correlations. Trine has a background in the communications business and has been an established artist for more than 10 years. She has been represented in several galleries in Denmark, one in Madrid, and admitted three times to the international juried Artists Easter Exhibition in Aarhus, Denmark.


    “I let the materials take control and combine them into new expressions, while trying to give way for the hidden beauty of the unfinished, raw, and incomprehensible.”


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