Somnium Ignis (Latin for 'Fire Dream')

Somnium Ignis (Latin for 'Fire Dream')

Title: 'Somnium Ignis' (Latin for 'Fire Dream')


Completed in 2021


36x24 inches


Acrylic on Fredrix Pro Gallery Wrapped canvas


Sealed with UV protectant and archival quality


Artist: Erin Wilkins


    Erin Wilkins


    I grew up in Colorado, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with the most breathtaking scenery and changing seasons. Since I was little, I've been inspired by the beauty of nature and the ever changing art in the sky - sunsets, clouds, storms, and the stars. My inspiration not only comes from the beauty of our world, but from emotions and memories as well. Creating art allows me a way to express my feelings on canvas for the world to interpret in their own way, sparking their own emotions, and igniting the viewer's imagination to see the beauty in their own individual ways. I remember seeing Monet's 'Water Lilies' in a museum for the first time, and I still recall the feelings I had when looking at such an iconic, breathtaking piece with awe and admiration. Art is the raw expression of our hearts - driven by emotion, and I hope to create a bit of beauty in this world that sparks your imagination!


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