SIZE: 130 X 80 cm


Artist: Gaby Buenrostro


    Gaby Buenrostro


    Gabriela Buenrostro is an artist who is drifting. She drifts both as a continental mass moving slowly and continuously over the sea, yet also as a traveler who is carried away by the land and its many encounters. Buenrostro is essentially a painter, however she is not limited to the pictorial. She also entangles with language, objects or photography navigating throughout her different interests and preoccupations. Simultaneously, she works with traditional methods such as engraving, drawing and encaustic.

    The variety of media with which she experiments corresponds to a constant selfquestioning of her own paradigms. As her approach to art has always been intuitive, enthusiastic and even playful, yet recognizing its power and transforming capacity. She understands her paintings as a palimpsest of sorts where the pictorial layers add one on the other, so as to deconstruct shapes, difuminate colors, degradate light and shadow while oscillating between a neutral palette and a touch of a colourful involving blast.

    Her paintings –that could be defined as abstract– are a mixture of forms, colors and pictorial gestures. The circle is a figure that constantly accompanies her as a symbol of movement, returns, turns, repetitions and continuous transitions. Likewise, her work includes various written gestures that correspond to texts, or poetic fragments that aim to add to her practice new meanings.

    Buenrostro's work incorporates subtle biographical elements, not self-referential, that show the influence she has had when living in other countries, such as Singapore or London; while including elements of global and Mexican popular culture. In this sense, her experimentation and search with and in different media propose a route that tries to explore variegated ways; spanning from the meaning of the circle to the Mexican wrestling, and detonating a multiplicity of interpretations and meanings.

    Gabriela Buenrostro is adrift. Drifting in search of means of expression, colors, and shapes. She takes different paths that lead her to ask more questions in the hopes to find some answers.


    Gabriela Buenrostro has more than 15 years experimenting with different media, specializing in painting. Likewise, she has carried out various workshops and courses on different techniques such as engraving, encaustic, and Chinese painting. Her approach to art has always been intuitive, experimental and with approaches from art history, especially with influences from the avant-garde of the twentieth century. She has exhibited in various cities such as Brussels, Madrid, Ireland, New Jersey and Mexico City.

    Among her individual exhibitions are De lo general a lo particular, Galeria Espacio y Lugar, CDMX, (2019, Spring Art Show, LS fines arts home Gallery, Princeton, New Jersey (2019), Patrones mental, Café Regina, CDMX, (2018) and Majulah México, Immagini Gallery, CDMX (2017).

    Among her group exhibitions are Virtual Art Promoter Gallery Exhibition, Ireland, Art3f Monaco, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Armonia, Design Center, Palmas 520, Collective Art Show Princeston, NJ, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Feria BADA MX Mexico City (2020) and Bruxelles Art Fair, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Brussels Belgium (2019) among many others.