Title:     Sick

Year:    2020

Tech:   Watercolor, pencil and grafite on paper

size:     230 x 158 mm


Artist: Yuriko Sasaki


    Yuriko Sasaki


    I was born in the Saitama Prefecture. Since I was a preschooler, I loved drawing and would doodle during my free time.

    I started to take drawing more seriously in middle school when a classmate, who was known to be a good drawer, complimented my rabbit drawing. I began my art activities with the desire to heal myrself and others who have lost their friend.

    My main exhibitions include the 2010 Mini Exhibition of Original Works in Design Festa (Tokyo), the 2015 Glamorous Watercolor Exhibition (Tokyo), a selected winner at the National 156th Nichizu Exhibition, and so on.

    I mainly uses transparent watercolor paints and a pencil to draw. My artwork style is very abstract and sometimes includes flowers. Many consider it to be mysterious, so I believe that it makes people wonder and search for what is being expressed.

    I would love to continue creating artworks that provoke thoughts and touch upon sensitivities.

    I use transparent watercolors, a pencil, and sometimes oil pastel to create.

    My artworks portray my emotions and drawn by imagining something.

    I hope you are moved to think of something by looking at my artworks.