Schein II

Schein II

Schein II

80 x 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas





"The term "Schein" (shine, appearance, illusion) was already known to the ancient Greeks; they associated it with radiance, prestige and fame, as well as with becoming visible and displaying oneself. On the one hand the term corresponds to revealing oneself, on the other hand it refers to false elusive shine which shifts the true reality. The ancient Greeks associated "Schein" with "becoming" and "fading", with instability and fleetingness."

Source: Article "Im Schein liegt die Wahrheit" ("The Truth is in the Shine/Illusion"), HOHE LUFT Magazin (german philosophy magazine), issue 6/ 2018


Artist: Gergana Nikolova


    Gergana Nikolova


    Gergana Nikolova is Bulgarian artist who lives and works in Sofia. She graduated the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with a master’s degree in 2016. Thereafter she has made two solo exhibitions in Sofia and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Bulgaria. Furthermore, she participated in the TRANSFORM 2016 group exhibition in Zagreb in 2016 and in the ARTMUC Art Fair in Munich in 2018.

    Her painting style is driven by emotions and diverse ideas. Gergana likes to extract philosophical ideas from books and seeks to transfer emotions from music on the canvas as accurately as possible. She also plays the piano and music is in general very important to her. The technique that she is using is greatly influenced by the classical examples – she follows exact stages and works with multiple layers. She is painting with acrylics and combines them with structure pasts, vanish or pigments, in order to achieve different effects. The experiment is crucially important to her and takes central part – as part of the work process but also as a starting point to communicate with the viewer through their intuitive examination.