Sara Delic

Sara Delic

Sara Delic


    Sara Delic



    Versatility and a little chaos from Austria





    It has all begun with 3 acrylic colors, an unused canvas and a try!


    Now Sara is almost painting every day.

    Usually she has been working as a bank advisor five days a week for 6 years now.


    “Bank and painting, that’s where I found my balance.”


    In her leisure time she loves to spend time re-decorating her flat which also means that she must switch paintings! As it would have been way too expensive to buy a new painting every few weeks, she decided to paint by herself! Kind of funny but true. Apart from painting she loves to travel and to collect new impressions from all over the world. She has already visited many Cities but her favorite places so far are NEW YORK CITY, PORTUGAL (all over), GOTHENBURG and MÁLAGA.


    At the beginning of her painting journey she thought that she had found a new hobby which made her feel kind of “more complete”. Sometime after she switched the paintings in her flat, she started to share the paintings on social media and people really liked them. Everything seemed to happen so fast she said, ‘people suddenly asked me if I would sell the paintings!’.


    For Sara painting means a lot of things. One the one hand it’s good for her mental health as she can distance herself from the fast-moving world and all the stress her job brings with it and on the other hand it’s her secret passion to make someone happy. A lot of people also buy the paintings as presents for family members or friends, that’s amazing!


    Sara’s advice when you start to paint: Do not have a plan at all!

    This is a personal thing she admits but for her, it’s not going to work if she already knows how the result should look like.


    “My art is spontaneous.”


    That’s what her paintings present: versatility.