Samar Treasure

Samar Treasure

Title: Samar Treasure


50 × 60 cm

Mixed media on Britannia board

-About the artwork-

American and Japanese forces fought in one of the largest naval battles in history, which took place in the Philippine Sea off Samar Island, on October 25, 1944. 

The deep sea surrounding Samar Island holds many sunken treasures. 


Artist: Alexander Gassilewski


    Alexander Gassilewski


    Alexander has always been the artistic, eccentric and curious one. As a child, he was often seen drawing or found by worrying parents, exploring the forest or wandering the coastline, all alone, for hours at a time. Born and raised by the Swedish west coast, he finds much of his inspiration in nature and its many secrets.

    His works are recognized by its clashing colours combined with an either industrial or organic touch. Using whatever he can get his hands on, he creates intriguing, sculpture-like artwork, that contains ordinary, insignificant everyday objects. The compilation of these makes his creations eye catching in its own chaotic yet calming way.

    The artworks frequently hold lots of textures and elevations, mostly executed in a sort of abstract semi-surrealistic style.



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