Safe Space

Safe Space



30x30 cm

ink on fine art paper


Artist: Eva Breitfuss


    Eva Breitfuss


    Eva Breitfuß raised in Germany is self-taught in the Arts. She is holding a Diploma for PT (1985), The Feldenkrais Method® (1998) and Brennan Healing Science® (2005). Living and working in Germany and the USA, Eva Breitfuß is combining her Art, Art Of Presence’ with her own modality of her work in the field of consciousness, 'Der Leere Raum'/ The Empty Space. Besides her work as a visual artist, she works as an Inspirator and Mentor.  With her work, 'Der Leere Raum'/ The Empty Space she has been accompanying people for more than 35 years in her practice for consciousness and personal transformation.                                                                                     Her Art has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions, and is held in several international privat collections.Art Of Presenceand The Empty Spaceare aimed at all people who are interested in the possibility of experiencing their consciousness in order to consciously witness and redesign their own reality. Everything is real, it depend on what you want to experience. Much can be expressed with only lines, dots, and the silence between them. A multitude of textures can be achieved with just Ink on Paper and Acrylic on Canvas and those textures in turn, can transmit a slew of feelings, emotions and energy.

    Everything in life can be reduced to a single dot. With her artworks she leads us to immerse ourselves in her world, which should emphasize the value of living in peace and harmony with creation.