RAMart (Rosangela Arreaza)


    RAMart is born in 2011 with the idea to engage people to perceive and enjoy art in a very optimistic way due to an incredible palette of bright combination of colours, textures, patterns and different materials, stimulating creativity and triggering the best energy inside us. Each art piece is made entirely by hand, with a lot of detail making it unique. Some of the paintings have been required by publicity agencies or designers to be reproduced in very limited editions, but most of the artistic production has also been exhibited by galleries or artistic spaces in Spain (Excellence Art Gallery, Creative Minds), Italy (Spazio Dinamico, MAD Gallery), the Netherlands (7 Zomerse Weken Kunst uit t'Kerkje, De Hooge Plaaten, Etalages van de Stadsraad Oostburg ) and Belgium (Scharpoord. MAAK and Sincfala Museum)

    My name is Rosangela Arreaza and "RAMart" is my creation and my way of

    visual communication, between the academic and the graphic style, between the European analytic expression and the Caribbean intuitive informality, just there, in between, is placed my creative production and baggage.

    I studied Graphic Design at ISA "Instituto Serigrafico Avila" (3 years), after that 2 years at the Art School "Cristobal Rojas" and Education at UPEL "Universidad Pedagogica de Caracas" (5 years), but a big part of my artistic experience was also taken from my childhood, and a very close relationship with relevant artists as family members and friends, also with my work at the "Museum of Fine Arts" in Caracas Venezuela, where I got deeper in contact with an authentic Caribbean Art tradition.

    All this experience, has printed on me, my very distinctive style.

    I am currently living in Brugge and assisting to the Art Academy MAAK in Knokke to acquire more knowledge about the European art, increasing like this, my knowledge on this two enlightening fields, and getting myself more universal.