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    Rafa Tom


    Rafa Tom is an accomplished Fine Art professional and Art educator living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    She brings a wealth of experiences having lived in many countries: Lebanon, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

    Born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon she got attracted to painting and art at early age, and later on refined her skills by joining the highly regarded Fine Art College at the Lebanese University and after four years of deep art studies, she received her Bachelor Degree of Arts “Etudes Superieurs”.

    While at the university she embarked on studying many art techniques like: modern art, classic art, abstract paintings, landscapes, compositions, portraits, still lives, animal portraits, and since she is an equestrian she did a deeper focus on horses and equestrian sports; she ended up doing her thesis on the “Arab Horses” and got the highest degree “Very Good” and first place on that work…she also participated in many exhibitions and symposiums in Tripoli Convention Center where she received awards and recognitions for her work.

    Rafa loves to work with many materials and mediums including: oil, acrylics, pastels, water-colors, charcoal, mixed media textures, and ink.

    After graduation she lived in Los Angeles and Canada for many years where she was a free-lancer painter and art educator.  She relocated to Saudi Arabia and worked as a director of the Fine Art program at international schools in Riyadh and at the same time pursed her studies at the Open Arab University with a two-year graduate degree in art education with an Excellent ranking.  She received many awards and recognitions from her schools, and while living in Riyadh, her passion for horses deepened and her equestrian work increased; she did solo art exhibition and sold most of her work to some high level officials.

    She moved to Dubai in 2006 and since then has worked as a free-lancer and doing her paintings from her ‘home-atelier’ where she keeps producing her fine art.

    Rafa is eager to join the art activities at World Art Dubai, Expo 2020, and other places in the UAE. Rafa recently participated as a solo artist in World Art Dubai 2020. It was a very successful exhibition . Also participated recently in Art Smiley online art gallery and in Double tree hotel by Hilton Dubai for 1 month  during December/January 2020 with different artists;

    Rafa’s art work can be viewed at her LinkedIn account: rafa-tom and her Instagram: rafa_art72 and her email: rafa.tom31@hotmail.com

    Rafa is married to Mazen Dalati and is the mother of three children Aya, Rafic, and Bana.