Series: Metamorphosis
Size: 70x50 cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas


Artist: RosaKa




    Rosa Cacace (Taranto, 1973), aka Rosaka, develops a passion for art from an early age. Graduated from the Liceo Artistico Lisippo in Taranto in 1992, she initially devoted herself to making copies author on request and small works, in search of a pictorial identity that defined it. In 1994 she participates to the collective exhibition of Contemporary Art organized by the Circolo Culturale Puglia and the following year takes part in an exhibition organized by the Environment and Development Committee of Talsano. In October of 1995 she participates in the second edition of the Biennial of the Ionian Sea, organized at the Aragonese Castle of Taranto from the Circolo Culturale Rosselli and the Circolo Culturale Mandrillo. In this period, she reaches her maturity artistic, managing to take possession of the style that still characterizes her works. Participation follows to other exhibitions organized in the city of Taranto, including "The places and rites of Holy Week", organized by the Cultural Center Rosselli and a collective in honor of the Patron Saint of Taranto, San Cataldo, at the Centro di Cultura Magna Grecia. Despite her artistic activity has not been constant, the passion for art has always accompanied Rosa for many years: she teaches painting to children, looking for to pass on their love of discipline. From a plastic and formal point of view, we can define her figurative and illustrative style, always mediated by her personal vision and interpretation of what sees and represents. Not a mere copy of reality but an intimate reworking of it. After a long pause from the painting, Rosa Cacace is brought closer to the medium during the period of lockdown previewed in response to the health emergency. For over a year, since last lockdown, has produced about 50 works all based on the study and the deepening of stories, legends, tales, tragedies or comedies of various authors. She currently has a series of about 30 works of the series "Metamorphosis" dedicated to tales of myths and legends linked to nature, both in the plant and animal world. She then has a series of works entitled "Sheakspeare in love" and a title "Art tells".
    In 2021 she received the Artist Awards of the Year 2020-Creativity Award Palermo ARTEXPO with video exhibition of a work in the Gallery Art Now in Palermo - has also been included in the art magazine ART NOW by Genn/Febb 2021.