work title: Portal

Year: 2020

Size: 70x70 cm diameter / 6mm thickness

Technical Data: Acrylic painting on 70x70cm wooden board. Mandala is superimposed in the center with 45cm.


Artist: Lauren Robe


    Lauren Robe


    Brazilian artist with 15 years of training in Visual Arts- Qualification in Engraving, by the Federal University of Pelotas and Pedagogical Training in Design by the Federal Institute Rio Grande do Sul.

    Active since then in my Atelier Lauren Robe, as a painting teacher and create my pieces. The main characteristic of my works is the use of vibrant colors, mainly because of the sensations that such combinations bring to the viewer. I have a great tendency to symmetry and to value small details. I use these passions with various techniques and materials. Like pointillism, mandalas, colorful sculptures, clothes, accessories, shoes, canvases and decorative dishes, creation of digital prints and hand-painted manuals on any surface.  Thus seeking, incessantly my main goal: to color the world with points, patterns and symmetry.



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