Play Bismuth

Play Bismuth

Play Bismuth - series


Artist: Johann Neumayer


    Johann Neumayer


    Johann Hannes Neumayer as a trained carpenter and glazier, he takes part in the HFL course for interior design, becomes a draftsman and planner for home furnishings, attends the Vienna Art School and teaches drawing and painting for adults himself. Exhibitions in Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Germany (Andernach). The seminar with Prof. Anton Lehmden in Deutschkreuz in Burgenland is the basis for studying "Art and Science" at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Currently, two  illustrated books of "(T) RAUMBILDMASCHINE" [THE SPACE AND DREAM IMAGING MACHINE] are in private ownership, but also in the libraries: Applied Vienna, Vienna University of Applied Sciences, Vienna University of Applied Sciences, Vienna National Library, Leipzig German National Library, Mak Vienna, Austrian Library Association, Lower Austria State Archives and Lower Austria State Library St. Pölten.
     Participation in the Angewandte Wien choir gave him the idea of ​​having a band himself “Neumayer, s Online Blues Band”, and finally his own texts were interpreted on the Korg pa1000 keyboard.
     Participation in the 1st EDITIONALE Vienna in March 2020 at Angewandte Wien. Digital images are currently being created with the RHINO5 design program and will be used for the third edition of "(T) RAUMBILDMASCHINE" [THE SPACE AND DREAM IMAGING MACHINE].

    Participation in the exhibition #DRESSME of M.A.D.S Milano with the art curator Giorgia Massari in September 2020.