Phantom - 4

Phantom - 4

TITLE: Phantom


Dimensions: 16” x 20” (x4)


Medium(s): Photo-Illustration, Photography, Scanner, Marker on Paper




With this series, my intent was to create a reduction of the defining exterior, releasing traditional impressions of identity. In this way, emphasis is placed on anatomy, allowing the viewer to maintain a position of distance from the subject. Alluding to a quintessential connectivity between the frames, and by extension, the whole, text is used as a referent, to the ambiguity each subject caries in their identity.


Artist: Carly Tyll


    Carly Tyll


    Carly Tyll is an emerging conceptual artist born on July 2nd, 1991. Based in Toronto, Ontario, she earned a degree in Fine Arts at OCAD University, majoring in Photography. While this allowed her the opportunity to refine how she saw the world, it ultimately left her infatuated with the unseen. Venturing beyond the realm of realism, she began to deviate from traditional modes of photography, finding inspiration in surrealism and expressionism. Branching into Photo-illustration, she had the opportunity to create rather than capture, exhibiting a unique inhibition to the mundane, which can also be seen in her explorations of drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, and film, often demonstrating an intermedia approach.

    Synthesizing aestheticism and substance, her intent is to inspire and illuminate. Exploring concepts relating to Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Mathematics, and Spirituality, emphasis is placed on the human condition. Contemplating consciousness as an axis to which all things exist, her work reveals a romanticized rendering of reality, characterized by its capacity for the beautiful and the sublime.