Pain, Passion, Tranquillity

Pain, Passion, Tranquillity

Title:   Pain, Passion, Tranquillity

Year:   2019

Tech:  oil on canvas

size:    455x529mm


Artist: Rmoo




    Being a false prophet is the order of the day.

    The tweet of the tortoise, "When people crap, they start talking.

    The meat tastes like wood.

    The more you chew it, the more it tastes.

    It's like moss in a vegetable.

    Because it is weak, it clings to the earth

    It makes itself look soft.

    This is Rmoo.

    It rains again and again, many times a day, and Rmoo is in it.

    Thanks to this, the canvas is stretched, and I shout, "I can paint! When the battery runs out of energy to face a challenge, another challenge comes along to push the switch. Invariably, one of the difficulties falls asleep. Either I or the work is awake. Rmoo is a coward. Rmoo is timid.


    Born in Aomori, I lives and works in Aomori and Hokkaido, Japan.

    Starting to have solo exhibitions in 2018.

    I paint emptying myself for the task of tracing the invisible things that appear on the canvas. I try to mimic them as faithfully as possible, to give them an existence as ART.

    When nothing appears on the canvas, I finish a small work as a study.



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    Tomorrow's forest.