No Object

No Object

No Object

33x41 cm


Acrylic on canvas


With my work, I’m trying to shine a light on sexual objectification. Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as an object of sexual desire without any regard to their personality or dignity. It is part of dehumanization, the act of disavowing the humanity of others.

This kind of bullying can lead to so many negative psychological effects, including eating disorders, depression, self-objectification or sexual dysfunction. It can lead to the belief that your intelligence, competence or personality will never be acknowledged by society.


In my painting, I’m showing you a powerful and abstract female with personality. Even after all the impact society had on her, she is still standing there with no intention of hiding or changing.


Artist: Anne van de Steeg


    Anne van de Steeg


    Anne van de Steeg was born in Spaubeek (2000), a small village in the south of the Netherlands. She went to a high school that based their way of learning on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Here she learned how you can put your thoughts into something you create. Three years after graduating, she started studying at the Maastricht Institute of Arts & Design. The goal was not to get a job in this field, but to evolve her mindset, with a focus on design and the human body. Her desire is to understand more about the world, the people that are in it, and most importantly to learn more about herself.


    Struggling with the fear to disappoint people and the urge for perfection, painting has been a way out for her towards relaxation. In painting, there is no good or wrong.

    In order to be seen as conversation pieces, her work places the problem of mental struggles in the spotlight.


    Anne’s perception of the world had come to change when she dealt with a perpetrator and had to carry the bag filled with the feeling of guilt and shame. Therefore, her most recent paintings are based on the female body and relate to themes like guilt and shame. Herewith she wants to help victims of abuse.

    The work is recognizable by the use of strong, direct shapes and contrasting colors which give the body a certain abstraction. For her the paintings form a world without sexual objectification.


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