Ngwe (80x80cm acrilico)


Artist: Che Mundama


    Ngwe (80x80cm acrilico)


    Che Mundama


    I’ am Che Francis son of Anye and grandson of Mundama. I was born in the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS on the 3.12.1968.

    I started creating at the age of 6yrs inspired by the spirit of my grandfather traditional sculptor.

    As a teenager, I dropped school and became an apprentice in a graphics art disign and serigraphy workshop.

    I later on created arts workshops in different towns in the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS. I happen to find myself working with the ministry of culture in Yaounde the capital of La Republic du Cameroun.

    I went on exile to Nigeria, Niger, Benin and now I'm in France.

    Since 2011,i opened my workshop ATELIER MUNDAMA in a small village in the south of France Le Pompidou.


    My technik is like doing sculturing on canvas. I scratch wet paint to get light from the canvas. My painting session is a performance since acrylic gets dry fast. Just like washing screen for printing. Adding and removing.