Marina Astakhova

Marina Astakhova

Marina Astakhova


    Marina Astakhova

    As a manifesto - a call to enjoy the world around us, create harmony and good mood around you.

    Contemporary abstract artist, inspired by nature contrasts, bold colours and shapes.  I create abstract interior artworks using acrylic paint and black-and-white graphic works.

    Love for drawing, graphics and inspiration by the history of modern art, observation of the daily routine of surrounding environment has resulted in a constant search for unique compositions, forms and color combinations to create interior paintings. Techniques of suprematism, minimalism and abstract expressionism give me the opportunity to transform visual images into the emotions of the viewer.

    The process of creativity for me is an intuitive desire to fill the original endless emptiness with bright colors, clear bold lines and figures, develop a memorable image on the wall, WOW-factor that attracts the eye and produce a unique atmosphere of a residential interior or public space.

    Adherent of modern geometric abstraction. Based in Moscow, Russia. Artworks are in private collections in Russia, UK, Hong-Kong.


    Art Marathon - Art Gallery, Moscow 2018,

    The Venice Guests (Venice) - Loretta Larkina Gallery, Venice 2019,

    Russian Art Week, Moscow (2019) –I place in the nomination Geometric Abstraction,

    Talantexpo in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow (2019) - I and II place in the nomination Geometric Abstraction,

    St. Petersburg Art Week, St. Petersburg (2019) - I and II place in the Experimental Graphics nomination,

    Exhibition of Modern Painting - Gallery W & P Moscow 2019