Title: ‘Lust’


Description: Sensual and sexy. Tantric and ecstatic. An homage to femininity, to menstruation, to birth and to the pleasures of the flesh. Representing a positive body feeling and the power of self-love.


Method: Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50 cm, 2020


Artist: Bea Kunysz


    Bea Kunysz


    Bea Kunysz is a self-taught Artist. As an international Marketer for the tourism industry, she is a passionate Traveler and Blogger.


    Born in Poland (in 1975), she was raised in Germany. Studied/ lived/ worked in France, Spain, Malta and in London. She spent longer periods of time in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and SouthEast Asia. As a Freelancer she lives and operates between Europe and Bali.


    She is a polyglot and a communicative person, who loves interacting with people. You can observe that in her art. People are her inspiration and the main object of her paintings. Especially ladies. As a self-expressionist artist she likes to capture the female energy. Her art is sensual and erotic with a hit of spirituality. Her favorite method is acrylic on canvas but she also creates collages and photo montages. The aim of her artworks is to evoke emotions.


    Bea loves spending time in art galleries around the globe. She loves being surrounded by beauty and design. Frequenting artsy places inspires her as a hobby interior designer. Meeting creative people helps her grow as an artist.


    The two loves of her life are ART & TRAVEL. She describes herself as a beauty lover and inspiration seeker. A gipsy heart who loves discovering new things, places and cultures. A passionate photographer and storyteller, capturing artsy moments & encounters - in paintings, photography and in her articles.