La primavera

La primavera

La primavera - Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas frame.

- Size: 60 cm x 30 cm

- Inspiration: Female figure in spring surrounded by flowers pollen / new life.


Artist: Sabine Ortner


    Sabine Ortner


    Born on 1.8.1982 in Austria/Vienna.

    Her father was the owner of a stove-fitting business and her mother worked in an office.

    After completing compulsory school years, she began training as a makeup artist and tattoo artist in Vienna Mariahilf.

    Shortly after the master's examination she opened her first own tattoo studio where she worked for more than 14 years, yet painting was always a faithful companion at her side.

    Today Sabine Ortner lives as a freelance painter with her partner in Tenerife and runs an online store where she sells her art.