Title: Kamal

Formato: 1m  x 1.20 m

Técnica: Óleo, acrílico, hoja de oro sobre Tela




You have filled me with your virtues,

I carried your absence to the point of pain,

until I got to know myself while I forgave you for not being

without knowing that in your womb you opened a long and beautiful life path for me,

landscapes that began with a huge passion that led you to stars, fluids and looks.


While you exploded again and again between the sheets,

sweat and uncontrollable perfumes for the man you decided to live in you for nine months,

you filled with his cells, exploded in his universes

and made a supernova that they would not know anything

about her future until he gave her a name, face and personality.


So wide, so brave and transcendent,

a supernova is born from the womb of a great star,

between glances at the sky eight years of joint joy

until your departure home, you were stardust again.


I keep talking to heaven, I keep looking at your face in my face,

I keep living you in flesh and blood with the voice of my father

and the love of heaven.


Many wanted to replace you,

how to achieve it if you are ethereal, beautiful and wonderful star,

at times I hear your voice and I know of your Marchessini signals,

only you make me smile and I know that you were present

when I saw that mandala when I opened the portal to which it will be my offspring.


Do not lose yourself in oblivion,

once again allow the largest cell of your being to inhabit nine cosmic months

that are not even a second for the universe,

keep opening places, keep expanding your orgasms,

in your passion and pleasure I live like a dream wet of life in love.

How sacred is your passion that can give life

I understood your absence because you always exist

and in each cell I keep you, in the gaze of my now daughter,

we were both born again my uterus, your uterus and hers

they are oneself and it will continue to be through descent

that freedom of being, passions,

orgasms and planets conspire to make it so ...


Otherwise, there were only three of us,

the perfect triangle my beloved star,

now I paint our fertility, desires, symbols and passions,

that sacred tantra that levitates me when loving.

- "KAMAL" Memory to my mother. Written by Emelly Velasco


Artist: Emelly Velasco



    Emelly Velasco


    Degree in Graphic Communication

    Prof. Senior Management and Strategic Intelligence

    Specialist in color psychology, trademark concept and abstract pictorial work

    She is a writer, poet and Mexican painter with Central American roots, since 2009 she began her activities in the design and layout of graphic work, as she is in her basis corporate brand designer, it was until 2014 when she decided to dabble in her abstract and surrealist work through expressionism taking advantage of the chromatic use. diverse basing her speech on the principle of polarity, which she knows a lot in her own mind and soul, a disciple of Painters as Carlos Vega, Tirsso Castañeda, Marco Velázquez, Ángel Chánez and Eduardo Picaso.

    She has been a full professor in subjects such as advanced illustration, contemporary art, art history, sign, symbol and corporate identity, at various universities in the Mexican Republic. As writer she has EMPRENDEARTE Book publish in 2018. Also together with various artists, she collaborates in the RECTANGULAR art studio as a guest artist at “Open Art Studio Nights” and among others events painting in life sessions.

    The artist makes most of her works based on feminine aesthetics, worldview and recognition of the astral, as well as highlighting elements of power with the hierarchy of royalty, her Mayan and Aztec influence it can be notest by the folklore she represents in her palets with experimental techniques including Oil, Acrylic and gold leaf.

    Her work has been presented in El Salvador, Mexico, United States and Italy.