Justin Plays

Justin Plays

Justin Plays


Artist: D.Q. Nguyen


    D.Q. Nguyen


    Learning the art fundamentals of proportion, figurative, compositions and others; I mainly learned through comic books at a young age.

    Attending Virginia Commonwealth University for painting and printmaking is where I degreed with a BFA. After decades of oil painting I current paint abstractly. I paint with no catagory; but to pull diffrent forms of art, experiences, knowledge, and emotions into creativity. Aestheticlly I am a very calculated thinker. However; at times you have to relying on risk, chance, and pure instinct. My focus is on every mark, shape, color, and other elements as my work progresses. My subject matters I try to keep relevant, my paintings universal, and ides to todays culture.


M.A.D.S. Art Gallery SL Unipersonal - C.I.F. B 05303854

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