Junghee Lee (Maki)

Junghee Lee (Maki)

Junghee Lee (Maki)


    Junghee Lee (Maki)


    My background academics and passion

    Born in 1980 in Busan, Korea, I came to Japan while studying at university.

    In 2003, I started studying abroad at a university in Fukuoka, Japan (Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences), and I worked in the travel industry as a part-time job, leading to my current job.

    When it comes to work, I have a lot of travel planning related work, so I loved work enough to go on a business trip as a traveler.

    In addition, it was the best happiness to leave Japan and other countries around the world during the holidays in order to become a true traveler rather than a planner.

    The people I met during the trip, the weather, the air, and the food at the destination were new and everything felt fresh enough to remind me of a sense of challenge and used to become vitality in my life.

    During my trip, I visited a museum or art gallery whenever possible. In the meantime, I was fascinated by the paintings and made me feel satisfied with the world of paintings I longed for as a child.

    I don't know art very well, and I still feel difficult.

    Just looking at the paintings gave me a lot of emotions, and I only felt myself full of happiness.

    The feelings I had forgotten were revived, and it came as a new shock.

    It was only about 6 months that I decided to just look at it and draw it by myself, so I am very clumsy and do not know how to do it well.

    I am studying to get more inspiration by viewing artists' works through various SNS or by going to the exhibition hall.

    I am in the process of making my own paintings because I am not able to learn paintings formally and I do not have extensive knowledge, so I am challenging techniques in various fields.

    I would be happier if I let the various emotions I felt while watching my works help someone else with another emotion through my work.


    9-1. Who inspires you?

    Beopjeong, a great monk in the Korean Buddhist world, and Poet Ryu Si-hwa, a leading Korean writer, often read books that I often find because there are many writings that clear up my mind and mind when my thoughts become complicated or psychologically difficult. (I am not a Buddhist. ^^;;)

    And, there are many painters, but among them I would like to mention Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, and Jean Michel Basquiat, who led contemporary art.

    At first glance, the paintings that seem monotonous are calculated through thorough consideration, and the efforts and power of the works are felt, and there are many works that evoke many thoughts to me.


    9-2. The work background and what kind of thinking the creative process takes place

    Since there is no separate studio in the space where I live alone, I mainly work while listening to pleasant entertainment programs or various music genres at the living room table.

    Depending on the sound that flows, I draw the emotions and the colors that come to mind as if playing colors. (I am clumsy in drawing, so I don't have sketch work)