Julien van Middendorp

Julien van Middendorp

Julien van Middendorp


    Julien van Middendorp



    Julien van Middendorp is a Dutch abstract painter. His large format oil paintings are interconnected with living colors. His work is characterized by carefully thought out composition and use of basic colors. He seeks his inspiration in the streets, resulting in an organic twist being added to his style. Although his canvases are abstract, you can sense figures in his works and hear music resonating in the titles.

    Jules’ style is influenced by the work of the world-renowned art movement “Cobra” (1948-1951) and its members such as Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky and Asger Jorn.

    Jules works with primary colours with a graphic touch and his paintings relate to the Dutch artistic movement known as “De Stijl”, which was founded in 1917 by famous artists such as Piet Mondriaan, Vilmos Huszár and Theo van Doesburg.

    Even as a child Jules experimented with relatively large-scale drawings and watercolours. Later on he attended art classes at a design high school in Utrecht.

    Having been living and working in Prague for some years, he found a new source of inspiration in this highly cultural city and is now presenting a new series of oil paintings.



    “All my work is a reflection of my overactive imagination"