Artist: Varda Levy




    Varda Levy


    Varda Levy , fine art painter, lives and creates in Jerusalem.


    Levy started her artistic career as a fashion designer and a personal stylist .

    Her art is inspired by colors , nature, music ,dance and fashion, and the intensity of her painting touches the depth of the soul.

    Each piece of art is a journey to a world that reflects intuitive feelings and experiences from her personal life.

    The viewer is called to enter the intimate and profound, mysterious and aesthetic worlds , richly colored and full of intimacy and movement.


    “ I use oil paint ,a medium that has life of its own. Painting and creation of art is my major passion and a most important part of my life's journey these days .

    I express myself through realistic images, human characters, still life and views of nature, you can see in my work a merging of the spirit and substance ,of reality and dream, that tell my inner intriguing story of my personal awakening” Varda Levy


    Varda Levy's art is presented in art shows ,galleries and fine art magazines around the world and appearing in numerous private collections.


    Exhibitions Varda Levy


    • 2015 Eldon Hotel Jerusalem
    • 2015 Art and About Gallery Israel
    • 2016 Hakubia gallery Jerusalem
    • 2016 Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery, art and colours. London
    • 2016 Green House gallery , Tel Aviv University Israel
    • 2016 Tiroche Auction house Israel , from darkness to light
    • 2016 Israel’s Art Market ,the big exhibition
    • 2016 Space Gallery Tel aviv
    • 2016 Gallerina Gallery Israel ,personal choice exhibition
    • 2016 Winter Salon Strasbourg,international contemporary art exhibition
    • 2017 Aids Benefit Bank Hapoalim
    • 2017 Tiroche auction house and gallery Israel, woman in art
    • 2017 Montefiore Aauction House&Gallery/Jaffa art salon / the place exhibition 2017 Art salon ,Jaffa port Gallery
    • 2018 Palast Gallery Berlin,The Material and the Spiritual in contemporary israeli art 2018 Tel Aviv port Gallery