Inesa Antanauskiene

Inesa Antanauskiene

Inesa Antanauskiene


    Inesa Antanauskiene


    Since my very childhood I loved art and lived surrounded by it – from the age of seven I played the violin at children’s music school, later I finished children’s art school. When I came of age, I chose fine arts – I entered a university, a faculty of art, where I had been studying and creating for five years.

    Though after finishing studies I took a different path, the art has always been near me and inspired me in all life situations.

    Looking at life after some time passed made me realize that I want to create, that I simply cannot live without creating anymore… And so this will to create, to paint, to express the feelings and dreams of 20 years, has realized itself – „flew on the wings of birds“…

    I have always admired birds, especially cranes – their interrelationship, eloquent moves and dances that express their love and joy. When you look at cranes it seems like they have a soul close to human, that they feel, love, rejoice and grieve as we do, and know what loyalty, friendship and honour mean...

    Each of my paintings conveys an inner melody, tell it’s own story, sends a message to everyone, it just has to be felt, heard. Then the birds, which became the ambassadors of my soul and feelings, will find the way to other's hearts and maybe let them feel, hear their own dream and let it stretch out the wings, revive and fly…



    • 19891994 Faculty of Arts at Siauliai University, Lithuania;
    • 19982001; 2009-2010 Lithuanian Law University in Vilnius.


    Solo exhibitions:

    • 2018.09.21 – 2018.12.07 „Flight“,

           The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania;

    • 2019.04.18 – 2019.05.08 „Storylines of spring“,

           Art gallery „Parko galerija“, Kaunas, Lithuania;

    • 2019.08.12 – 2019.10.11„The spells of reflections“,

           Ezerelis cultural center, Kaunas district, Lithuania.


    International exhibitions:


    1.   2020.05.15 – 2020.05.29 Contemporary Art exhibition “Dream Room”,

           M.A.D.S. Milano art gallery, Italy;

    2.   2020.06.26 – 2020.07.12 Contemporary Art exhibition “Viral art”,

           Art gallery CAEL, Milano, Italy;

    3. 2020.07.13- 2020.07.19 The International Biennial of Art “The Baroque Salentino 2020",

           City of Mesagne, Brindisi (Italy).

    • Semi-finalist for the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 2.0.
    • 2020.08.20 – 2020.08.24 The art exhibition “Swiss Art Expo”,

    Zurich, Switzerland.


    2018, 2019, 2020 I participated with my paintings in charity art auctions, organized by Lions's club international in Klaipeda, Lithuania.