I volti (Faces)

I volti (Faces)

I volti (Faces), olio su tela, 50x40cm, 2018


Artist: Tatiana Tochilina


    I volti (Faces), olio su tela, 50x40cm, 2018


    Tatiana Tochilina



    Tatiana Tochilina (Sitenkova) was born in Bryansk (USSR) in 1972 in the family of ordinary Soviet workers. Ordinary childhood, ordinary school, sport, pioneer camps, like most Soviet children of the 70-80's, her distinctive features always were good mathematic skills and a love of drawing.

    Despite the fact that she painted all her childhood, Tatiana received the first lessons of professional drawing only at the age of 17, visiting the art studio of Vorobyov V.V. and the first course of the Bryansk Art College as an auditor.

    In the early 90's, she moved to Leningrad (St. Petersburg), where she entered the Leningrad Institute of Textile and Light Industry (now St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design) and graduated it with distinction receiving the diploma of the engineer-technologist.

    Since 2002, he began to work as an artist-designer in CJSC PostService.

    St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, its museums and concert halls, communication with creative people supported and developed her interests in art and in particular in painting.

    Since 2012, Tatiana lives and works in Italy, which, with its magnificent landscapes and world cultural heritage, inspires her to create works in the style of expressionism, cubism and abstraction.

    BelloChePiace is a pseudonym, born in Italy, and her creative creed, a phrase that means "Beautiful is what you like" is a reflection of a constant experiment with form, color and lines, and as a result, a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Beauty, as a relative concept, based on personal taste, life experience and emotional sensitivity is the subject of study and search. The main goal of creativity is to reflect on the canvas your personal vision of the world, to show people themselves, so strange and different. Mutual relations between people, invisible connections, like threads stretching from one soul to another, psychological difficulties, positive and negative emotions – all this is the object of creativity of BelloChePiace.



    July 2018 – "Arte d'A-mare", gallery of Divulgarti, palace of Saluzzo, Genoa, Italy

    September 2018 – "Art Escape 2018" - 2a Edizione, Associazione culturale I 2colli, the palace of Zenobio, Venice, Italy.