Hugo Guerreiro

Hugo Guerreiro

Hugo Guerreiro


    Hugo Guerreiro


    Was born in 1994 in the city of Portimão, Portugal and currently divides his time between

    Portimão and Lisbon. Aside from the art world his biggest influences revolve around human

    psychology, his own rational and irrational behavior, life experiences, memories and the affections

    emerged from all of them.

    In 2018 he majored in painting at the faculty of fine arts of the University of Lisbon. As he

    started his journey on the university drawing quickly became the subject that stood out among all

    others and paved the way for his vocation by means of the multitude using paper and scratching

    materials as main tools. His passion for drawing along with his curiosity ended up to lead to way

    to different areas such as sculpture and video art whom finally made him understand that they can

    work all together.

    According to the author, it is in the act of drawing that everything starts, flows and

    transforms. He believes that these “things” arise from the act of doing them and transform his own

    consciousness into a full circumstance of what it can be the real knowledge of the reality and

    perception of the doing.

    Creating things, living them and simultaneously thinking about the reality tied to each one

    of them is an integral part of the production process. The subject of his work is the body, the

    identity and gender. When putt into paper they mostly became these toons shapes, monstrous,

    fragile, hysterical and dramatic and completely are portrayed in a constant psychological tension.