Graffiti Girl

Graffiti Girl

Title: Graffiti Girl

Year: 2020

Style: figurative realism

Mediums and materials: spray paint, acrylic, markers and oil on a canvas made of aluminium stretcherbars and linen

Dimensions: 140W 200H 2,5D // 55,1W 78,7H 0.98D in


Artist: Bianca Lever


    Bianca Lever


    Bianca Lever was born in The Hague in The Netherlands and graduated from the Art Academy in 2015. Since then she has been working as a fulltime painter and lives most of the time in Italy in Sassoferrato where she has her own studio. Through the years her work has evolved from artistic nudes in black and white towards expressive, colorful portraits into the figurative realism paintings on large scale canvases that she creates today. Bianca’s paintings are like snapshots, emotions caught in the moment  telling small anecdotes. Inviting the viewer to guess what is happening. There’s an interaction between the playful background in mixed media and the realistic figure in oil. This causes a tension field which creates a feel of separation of the figure from the background.

    Apart from the Netherlands she has shown her work internationally in Stockholm (Sw), Dresden (BRD), Sassoferrato (It), Fratterosa (It) and now in Milan (It).

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