Goodbye, Salacia

Goodbye, Salacia

"Goodbye, Salacia"

76.2cm x 101.6cm

Oil on Canvas

Completed in July of 2020

Rendition of Salcia, Roman Goddess of the Sea. 


Artist: Emily Long


    Emily Long


    I am a primarily self-taught artist from Los Angeles, California.  My father was my only consistent mentor.  He introduced to me to his love for painting at an extremely young age.  I have been painting with acrylics and mixed media for about 24 years but have only recently fallen in love with oil painting.  I derive much of my inspiration from world affairs, the environment, mythology, and visionary arts to capture emotional depictions of both resilience and surrender when faced with turbulence and forces beyond our control. 

    Art has been meaningful to me in ways that words cannot accurately capture.  There are many reasons why I strayed from an artists’ ideal path in life that are both practical and deeply emotional.  I graduated from business school here in California in 2018.  During college, I had a five-year career in graphic art.  After graduation I started a career in law and currently work in business litigation as a civil defense paralegal.  Though I find great satisfaction in my legal career, I find my true happiness in front of an easel.

    My deepest desires in life are to continue to grow and develop as an artist, build a career in art and fully pursue my greatest passion in life, and hopefully pass down a form of this artistic legacy I inherited from my father to my young son.

    I am thrilled to be sharing my pieces with you.  The detail and illustrative style write their own story for each viewer, and the meanings people derive from my paintings speak volumes to me.