Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Golden Sun, acrylic on canvas, 80x160 cm


Artist: Juliusz Kegel


    Juliusz Kegel



    I draw inspiration mainly from travels and memories, from observing the world out of a gray everyday perspective. I present the world vibrant with color, living and in constant motion. I see movement even in a static landscape,. Everything in the world lives and breathes. The world seen in this way is much more fascinating, I want to infect the viewer with such a fascination.



    Juliusz Kegel was born in 1976 in Poland. He has no artistic education, but he has always felt the need to create. In his early youth he helped his father in the workshop of artistic blacksmithing, but he abandoned his thoughts about art in favor of technical directions. Over the years, the thought of painting appeared more and more often. In the end, he decided to make his dreams come true and grabbed the brush. He likes painting with acrylic paints. He lives and works in Poland.